What is a Professional Sofa Cleaning and Why Should You Consider It?

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What is a Professional Sofa Cleaning and Why Should You Consider It?


Getting a professional sofa cleaning is a process of deep cleaning your upholstered furniture using specialized equipment and cleaning solutions. It is designed to help keep your furniture in tip-top condition to prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from accumulating and causing potential health risks.


A professional sofa cleaning service is often more thorough than a simple household vacuum such as a delphin or rainbow machine. This is because we use a specialized high powered vacuum that can reach deep into the fibers of your furniture to remove any dirt, dust, debris and bacteria that may have built up over time. A professional sofa cleaning service in Singapore also helps to protect your sofa from further damage, as the cleaning solutions used can help to keep your furniture looking like new for longer.



4 benefits to getting your sofa professionally cleaned in Singapore


Singapore’s weather is notoriously hot and humid, and that’s why it’s important to take extra steps to keep your furniture looking its best. A great way to do this is by getting your sofa professionally cleaned. Here are 4 benefits of regularly getting your sofa cleaned in Singapore.


Extend the Life of Your Sofa: Regular cleaning of your sofa can help enhance the life of your furniture and extend its lifespan. This is because fancy fabrics that adorn your sofa require specialized cleaning to remove dirt, dust and allergens. With regular cleaning, you can prevent dirt from grinding and biting into the fabric, protecting it from spills and extending the life of the sofa material.


Revitalize Your Sofa: A thorough sofa cleaning can help to restore and revitalize the look of your upholstered furnishing. A regular clean not only removes dirt and dust, but can also help remove long-set stains and leave the fabric looking new again.


• Minimize Allergens: A deep extraction process can remove pet dander, dust mites, fungus, mould and other allergens which can become embedded in the fabric of your furniture. Keeping your sofa cleaned can help minimize the risk of allergies: leaving your home and family healthier and your sofa looking spotless.


• Increase the Visual Aesthetics of the Home: After the sofa cleaning is completed, it helps give your upholstery a fresh look and smell, which in turn can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. A clean and fresh sofa shows visitors


The Advantages of getting your sofa regularly cleaned


There is nothing better than the feeling of having clean furniture. It greatly improves the overall atmosphere of your home. A sofa emphasizes the décor in your living space, making the room feel inviting, comfortable and enjoyable for both you and any visitors. By regularly cleaning your sofa, you can maintain the feeling and impression of a well-kept home, it also extends the lifespan of the furniture.


Without getting a regular and proper cleaning, dirt usually accumulates on the surface of your sofa, causing it to wear down faster. This is especially true of sofas that are used often or in homes that have pets and growing children and adults. In fact, buying a sofa and investing in a quality sofa cleaning service can be the equivalent of making a long-term investment in your furniture.


When it comes to sofa cleaning, you can do it yourself by dusting or lightly vacuuming your sofa however, if that is not enough and you require a deeper clean, it is best to engage professionals. A professional sofa cleaning company such as cleanLAD, offers deep and intensive cleaning that can help remove dirt and stains that are deep inside the cushions and fibres of your sofa. Depending on the service provider you choose, the professionals may use specialized cleaning liquids, steam cleaners or a multi-stage cleaning process to ensure that your sofa is thoroughly cleaned.




5 Tips for Maintaining a Cleaned Sofa


Maintaining a clean sofa is essential for any household. It is one of the most common pieces of furniture that experiences a lot of wear and tear over time. As a result, proper upkeep and regular cleaning are essential. Below are 5 tips to ensure your sofa stays looking great all year-round.


1. Clean Regularly – To remove dirt, dust, hair or debris from the surface of your sofa, use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment, this will help you get rid foreign particles that could affect the look and feel of your sofa.


2. Clean Stains Immediately – An accident can happen at any time, so it’s important to clean up any spills as soon as possible. Use a clean, damp cloth or a specialized upholstery and fabric cleaner to blot the stain and absorb any liquids. For heavier spills such as coffee, wine or worse, pee, engage an experienced sofa cleaner immediately.


3. Remove Pet Hair – Pets are a part of life, and can often leave a lot of dander behind on your sofa. To remove hair and prevent it from becoming embedded in the fabric, use a lint roller or vacuum with a pet hair attachment.


4. Use Covers – Covers are an easy way to protect your sofa from dirt and spills. You can choose from a variety of styles, and simply cover your sofa when it’s not in use.


5. Fluff and Smooth Reclining Areas – Sitting in the same spot on the sofa can cause it to become flat and misshapen if there is no foam encasement. To restore the cushion to its original shape, simply stand up and fluff the cushion a few times, then smooth it back into place.


By following these tips, you can keep your sofa looking great and clean for many years to come. Regular upkeep will help maintain your sofa looking its best, so start implementing these tips today to ensure that your sofa remains in tip-top condition.



How to Choose a Professional Sofa Cleaning Service Provider In Singapore


When it comes to professional furniture cleaning, there are many cleaners to choose from and not all offer the same quality of cleaning services. In order to choose the best cleaner for your sofa, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of services provided by different companies and the associated costs.


First and foremost, it is important to consider the type and size of sofa you have. While some cleaning services may offer general cleaning services for any type of furniture, you should look for a service that specializes in cleaning upholstered furniture, as this is responsible for most of the dead skin cells, dirt, and stains found on your couch.


Another factor to consider when choosing a professional sofa cleaning service is the method of cleaning they use. Sofas come in a variety of materials such as fabric, suede, velvet and alcantara which means they require different methods of cleaning and products. If you are looking for a full deep cleaning, opt for a company that specializes in deep water extraction. This method quickly and thoroughly removes dirt, dust, and stains from upholstered furniture.


The cost of the cleaning service should also be considered. Look for a company which offers competitive pricing and includes all the necessary tools and products in your cleaning service.


Finally, when selecting a professional sofa cleaning service, it is essential to do some research. Start contacting various companies that offer upholstery cleaning services and ask as many questions you need in order to feel confident that the company you hire will properly clean and protect your furniture.


If you are in need of a professional sofa cleaning service, make sure you know exactly what you are getting. CleanLAD’s sofa cleaning service provides specialized services that guarantee your furniture is cleaned and protected. We offer competitive prices and outstanding customer service that makes us a great choice for all your sofa cleaning needs!



A leading provider of deep cleaning services in Singapore, cleanLAD specializes in helping people create healthy spaces through meticulous cleaning.

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