post renovation cleaning

We handle the dirty work for you, so you know all the dust, dirt, and chemicals are gone before you move back in.

The cleanLAD team is meticulous, thorough, and we provide the best post renovation cleaning in Singapore. Getting your home the way you want it is expensive enough; let cleanLAD will take care of the mess for you.

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Whether you’re running late scheduling the end of your renovation or post renovation cleaning slipped your mind in the bustle of Singapore, cleanLAD can help. Contact us now to find out how we can address your need for post renovation cleaning services in Singapore.

We Handle Residential and Commercial Properties

The cleanLAD team offers a variety of solutions for all size post renovation cleaning in Singapore. We serve:

  • HDB apartments / Condominiums
  • Private Landed Homes
  • Offices
  • Health Care Homes
  • Hotel Accomodations

Post Renovation Cleaning Process

Living room & Bedrooms

•Clean windows and grilles; interior only
•Clean doors and gates
•Dust all surfaces
•Sweep balcony (if any)
•Vacuum all floor areas
•Mop all floor areas
•Clean exteriors of installed wardrobes and closets
•Clean interiors of installed wardrobes and closets (if empty)
•Clean glass surfaces, including mirrors, doors, etc


•Clean kitchen wall tiles and backsplash
•Clean exteriors of cabinets 
•Clean interiors of cabinets (if empty)
•Clean kitchen area including stove & hob, sink, countertops & fittings
•Wash and disinfect the kitchen sink and basin


•Clean bathroom wall tiles
•Clean and disinfect floor, basin, toilet bowl, fixtures, and fittings
•Clean glass surfaces, including mirrors, doors, shower screens

Condo & Apartments

Private & Executive
$ 280 Onwards
  • 1 Bedroom $280
  • 2 Bedroom $340
  • 3 Bedroom $400
  • 4 Bedroom $450
  • Penthouse $570


2 Bedrooms - Maisonette
$ 270 Onwards
  • 2RM HDB $270
  • 3RM HDB $330
  • 4RM HDB $380
  • 5RM / EA HDB $450
  • Maisionette HDB $570


Terrace, Semi - D, bungalow
$ 599 Onwards
  • Contact us for an accurate qoute

All in one guide to getting a post renovation cleaning.

Do I need a professional post renovation cleaning?
In the rush at the end of a renovation, it’s easy to overlook a part of the post renovation cleanup. We handle all of the post renovation dirt and debris so you can simply arrange your furniture and move back in. Check out our full guide on getting a post renovation cleaning!


Does cleanLAD Bring Tools and Chemicals?
Yes, the cleanLAD technicians will bring all the tools and chemicals necessary to complete the cleaning process. We supply the tools so that the entire process of post renovation cleaning for our Singapore clients is fast and efficient.


Does cleanLAD Do Chemical Washes for Stained Tiles?
Yes, the cleanLAD team is trained to do chemical washes. However, the team will evaluate whether the stains on your tiles require chemical washes or if they can be removed using other means.


Does cleanLAD Clean Exterior Window Panels?
Whether we can clean a window depends on the position of the exterior windowpane. If it is easily accessible, like a corridor window, we will. However, if it is not easily accessible, we will evaluate the safety of cleaning the window panel for our team.


How long does it take to complete the cleaning?
Post renovation cleaning times in Singapore vary based on the home’s size, complexity, and state. For example, a 4 room HDB or 3 bedroom condo takes about four to five hours to complete.


Can I postpone my appointment?
Yes, you can postpone your cleaning appointment. However, we request at least 72 hours notice for postponements to avoid forfeiting your deposit.


How Do I Book with cleanLAD?
You can book by calling 98706000, using the contact form on our website, or messaging us via WhatsApp.

Other Services we provide


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Sofas collect dirt and particulates, which can make them warm and uncomfortable. A thorough cleaning often solves the problem.


With professional cleaning, you can fulfill the end of tenancy clause in your lease contract and get your deposit back.


cleanLAD provides comprehensive disinfection services to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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