Mattress Cleaning Service In Singapore

Every mattress has dirt, dust mites, harmful bacteria, and more that can trigger several health issues. Hiring cleanLAD for a mattress cleaning in Singapore is the best way to avoid sinus problems, rashes, and other illnesses from your mattress.

You spend a quarter to a third of your life asleep. Hiring a mattress cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning ensures your sleep delivers the most benefit and helps you stay healthy.

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For emergency mattress stains, please get in touch with our 24/7 customer hotline to obtain a fast response.

Whether you’ve spilled something like juice, had an infant accident, or just want to make sure the mattress is deep cleaned, cleanLAD’s mattress cleaning Singapore service is for you. Our dedicated team provides efficient mattress cleaning anywhere in Singapore, so contact us today through WhatsApp below.

what is included in the service?

cleanLAD’s highly trained technicians travel across Singapore to provide the following mattress cleaning services:

  • Dust mite removal
  • Stain removal treatment
  • Odor treatment
  • Mold treatment
  • Full mattress deep clean & disinfection

mattress cleaning Singapore process (2023 update)

1. shampoo

Our team uses an effective natural cleanser to remove bacteria and allergens that is child-safe, non-toxic, and skin-friendly

2. power brush

This process provides agitation to loosen particles within the mattress fibers for easier extraction.

3. deep water extraction

Our specialists use a high-power machine to extract dirt, dust mites, bacteria, and other particles from up to 10 inches down.

4. disinfection

Our team completes a thorough disinfection process on the mattress to eliminate any remaining viruses and bacteria.

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how regularly should i get my mattress professionally cleaned

The answer depends on the mattress protector you use, if any. If you do not use a mattress cover at all, you should clean your mattress every six to eight months to limit the food supply for dust mites, who eat the dead skin cells that accumulate.

If you choose a normal (porous) mattress protector, you can book a service every nine to twelve months. These mattress protectors allow some materials through but greatly slow the accumulation of particles in the mattress.

If you choose a waterproof mattress protector with TPU, you may be able to go up to 18 months before hiring a mattress cleaning service in Singapore. The TPU creates a waterproof barrier, severely limiting how many dead skin cells get through. You may have one of these due to an infant or elderly occupant.

helpful answers to your questions on getting a mattress cleaning.

When Should I Get My Mattress Cleaned?
Mattress cleaning should be part of the annual or biannual cleaning routine. However, if you wake up feeling lethargic, itchy, or experiencing insomnia, you may want to consider a cleaning to eliminate the dust mites in your mattress. Unfortunately, dust mites can also cause respiratory symptoms, sinus allergies, rashes, and dry eyes.


Which Type Of Mattress Cleaning Method Is Best?

There are about 4 types of popular mattress cleaning methods in Singapore. For mattresses that have been maintained regularly, you can opt for a UVC-cleaning or steam clean. If your mattress has not been cleaned before or in a long time, our recommendation would be a deep extraction. This ensures to remove 99% of dust mites and allergens that have been residing in your mattress.


I Have a Urine Stain On My Mattress, What Should i Do?
Infants and pets might urinate on the mattress at anytime of the day, Do follow our instant remedy guide on how to clean mattress urine stains. If it has seeped through into the mattress, contact us immediately to arrange a deep cleaning for your mattress.


Is The Shampoo Used For The Mattress Cleaning Safe?
Yes, every product used by cleanLAD teams is non-toxic, child-safe, and skin-friendly. We believe in using products we want around our families that are effective. Using shampoo loosens particles and refreshes the smell of the mattress. All shampoo is removed during deep water extraction.


Can I Use The Mattress Immediately After Cleaning?
Most mattresses take three to four hours to dry following a thorough cleaning. If possible, you can open windows and switch on fans to safely speed up the drying process.


Since This Is a Wet Mattress Cleaning, Will My Mattress Get Moldy?
No, your mattress will not get moldy after cleaning. During the extraction process, water is only forced about an inch down. A completely saturated mattress would take weeks to dry, so cleanLAD takes extra precautions to ensure you can use your mattress the same night.


I Found Insects and Bugs On My Mattress, What Should i Do?

Most insects and bugs that are found in or on your mattress are not life threatening. Bed bugs and carpet beetles can appear out of no where that might cause you and your family members to panic immediately. Contact us for a consultation and monitoring of the situation.


Should I Do a Mattress Cleaning Before or After I Shift Homes In Singapore?
cleanLAD recommends employing mattress cleaning services after you have shifted homes. Sometimes, dirt, dust, and water stains can appear during the moving process. We want to make sure those are handled properly for you.


My Mattress Is More Than 10 Years Old, Should I Clean It?

Most people are not sure if they should clean or throw their mattresses away, If the mattress still has not sunk and has a good structure, it can still be used, introducing a deep clean will restore it good as new! 


How Do I Book My Mattress Cleaning Service In Singapore?
Do call us at 98706000 or Click Here to WhatsApp to book your service. 


Is This Mattress Cleaning Service Available Across Singapore?
Our mattress cleaning travels across Singapore, from Pasir Ris, Woodlands, Jurong, river valley, and even Sentosa.


How Does cleanLAD Accept Payments?
Payments will be to our company UEN number.

Other Services we provide


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