Disinfection services

Every home and business can benefit from a disinfection service in Singapore, and cleanLAD offers a comprehensive disinfection service. Our professionally trained team will carefully clean all surface areas and then use a ULV fogger for complete disinfection.

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For emergency disinfection service in Singapore, please get in touch with our 24/7 customer support team.

There are many viruses, bacteria, and allergens out there that can affect your health. Whether you’re a family with vulnerable members or a business trying to continue work, using a disinfection service in Singapore can help keep your people safe. Contact us today.

Highly Qualified Disinfection Experts

Our trained and certified team disinfects in PPE, gloves, N95 masks and shoe covers. We have successfully completed disinfection services for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore.

Full wipe down of all high-touch areas, including switches, doorknobs, keyboards, fridges, wardrobes, and chairs.

Application of a self-disinfecting anti-microbial coating that can last up to 90 days. 

Full spray down of disinfectant mist using a ULV machine to reach difficult areas.

Full Disinfection Cleaning Service Process


• Clean & disinfect tables and countertops
• Clean & disinfect switches and plugs
• Disinfect stove and hobs
• Vacuuming and mopping floors
• Clean and wiping of the handles of cabinets
• Cleaning of window grills and latch
• Disinfection of floors

Living room

• Disinfecting & wipe down of dining table and dining chairs
• Disinfect & wipe down of TV console
• Disinfect & wipe down the coffee table
• Cleaning of the handles of cupboards and drawers 
• Cleaning of window grills and latch
• Disinfection of floors


• Deep cleaning & disinfection of shower area
• Deep cleaning & disinfection of toilet bowls
• Wipe down & disinfect for basin and faucets
• Clean and wipe down countertops
• Cleaning of handles of cupboards 
• Disinfection of floors


• Full clean and wipe down of bedside table
• Full clean and wipe down of tabletops
• Full clean and wipe down of all electronics
• Cleaning the handles of wardrobes and closets
• Disinfection of the mattresses
• Disinfection of floors

* Items must be cleared from cupboards before our arrival of service

Condo & Apartments

Private & Executive
$ 240 Onwards
  • 1 Bedroom $240
  • 2 Bedroom $300
  • 3 Bedroom $360
  • 4 Bedroom $410
  • Penthouse $520


2 Bedrooms - Maisonette
$ 230 Onwards
  • 2RM HDB $230
  • 3RM HDB $290
  • 4RM HDB $350
  • 5RM / EA HDB $400
  • Maisionette HDB $520


Terrace, Semi - D, bungalow
$ 499 Onwards
  • Contact us for an accurate qoute

A helpful guide to getting a professional disinfection cleaning.

Are The Solutions Used, Safe?
Our solutions are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and NEA-certified, making them safe for newborns, pets, and older adults.


Do I Need to Move Things Before The Disinfection Process?
No, you do not need to move anything before the service. However, you should store all food in containers so that you can eat it afterward. The disinfection spray renders exposed food inedible.


Will The Floor Be Sticky After The Disinfection Service?
No, the floor will not be sticky. However, the clean.LAD team recommends a one-hour buffer before you return after the service to allow the disinfecting coating to set properly.


Will I Need to Mop After The Disinfection?
No, we advise you to refrain from mopping or wiping down the tops of furniture for a few days after the disinfection service. This is because the disinfectant coating requires a few days to set up properly.


Can My Furniture Be Sprayed with Disinfection Mist?
Yes, items like sofas, carpets, and curtains will be sprayed as part of the disinfection service within your property. cleanLAD’s technicians will spray the item and wipe it down for leather. All fabric items will be sprayed down. For a deep clean of your mattress, see here.


Will There Be a Smell Afterwards?
No, there will be no smell. Before the cleanLAD team leaves, they will ensure enough ventilation is available to remove any smell.


Do I Need to Wash My Clothes After The Disinfection Service?
Our solutions are non-toxic and skin-friendly, but we (and the NEA) still recommend clients wash their utensils and bedding once the service is complete.


How Do I Book With cleanLAD?
You can call 98706000, use the contact us on our website, or WhatsApp us.

Other Services we provide


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Sofas collect particulates quickly, and thorough cleaning can help make them comfortable to sit in again.


End of tenancy cleaning clauses are standard in leasing contracts. Choosing cleanLAD helps you get your deposit back.


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