End of tenancy cleaning service

When your lease ends, call the best end of tenancy cleaning service in Singapore!

cleanLAD’s team of meticulous end of tenancy cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean any type of unit in Singapore. We provide everything necessary, and our team is dedicated to leaving your former home spotless for an easy transition.

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We accept end of tenancy cleaning service bookings with less than 72 hours notice, but please get in touch with us immediately if you’re in this situation.

Whether you’re running behind on moving arrangements or just got notice, cleanLAD can help you leave your space sparkling clean. We work in homes and offices, so contact us now to find out how we can help your situation.

Get Your Tenancy Deposit Back Easily

cleanLAD offers a versatile team of meticulous technicians who can clean any space, big or small, such as:

  • HDB apartments / Condominiums
  • Private Landed Homes
  • Offices
  • Health Care Homes
  • Hotel Accomodations

End of tenancy Cleaning Process


• Clean and wipe table and countertops
• Clean and wipe backsplash & tiled walls
• Degrease stove and hobs
• Vacuuming and mopping floors
• Clean and wiping of interior cabinets *
• Cleaning of window grills and inner window panels
• Clean and wipe down the ceiling and wall fans

Living room

• Vacuuming and mopping of floors
• Full clean and wipe down of dining table and dining chairs
• Full clean and wipe down of TV console
• Full clean and wipe down the coffee table
• Cleaning of exterior and interior of cupboards and drawers * 
• Cleaning of window grills and inner window panels
• Clean and wipe down the ceiling and wall fans


• Deep cleaning of shower area
• Deep cleaning of toilet bowl
• Deep cleaning of basin and faucets
• Clean and wipedown of counter tops
• Cleaning interior / exterior of cupboards *
• Clean mirror
• Power scrub washing of toilet floors
• Trash Disposal


• Vacuuming and mopping floors
• Full clean and wipe down of bedside table
• Full clean and wipe down of TV console
• Cleaning interior/exterior of cupboards *
• Cleaning of window grills and inner window panels
• Clean and wipe down the ceiling and wall fans
• Trash Disposal

* Items must be cleared from cupboards before our arrival of service.

Condo & Apartments

Private & Executive
$ 240 Onwards
  • 1 Bedroom $240
  • 2 Bedroom $300
  • 3 Bedroom $360
  • 4 Bedroom $410
  • Penthouse $520


2 Bedrooms - Maisonette
$ 230 Onwards
  • 2RM HDB $230
  • 3RM HDB $290
  • 4RM HDB $350
  • 5RM / EA HDB $400
  • Maisionette HDB $520


Terrace, Semi - D, bungalow
$ 499 Onwards
  • Contact us for an accurate qoute

A helpful guide to getting a end of tenancy cleaning.

Do I Really Need a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Singapore?
Most leasing agreements have an end of tenancy cleaning clause in the contract. This step ensures the property is as close to its original condition as possible when the landlord takes it over. Engaging a Professional end of tenancy cleaning ensures you get your deposit back.


Does cleanLAD Provide All Tools and Chemicals?
Yes, cleanLAD technicians bring all of the necessary equipment and chemicals with them to each end of tenancy cleaning service. We do this to ensure our process is smooth and efficient for the deepest clean possible.


Do You Clean the External Window Panes?
If the window’s exterior is accessible, the team will clean it. This is often the case for corridor windows and interior glass. If the glass is not immediately accessible, such as being off a balcony, we will assess the situation for safety and decide whether we can clean that pane.


How Long Does it Take To Complete The End of Tenancy Cleaning?
The cleaning duration depends on the home’s size, complexity, and condition. For example, a 4 room HDB or 3 bedroom condo typically takes around three to four hours.


Does cleanLAD Offer Roller Blind and Curtain Cleaning?
Yes, we can incorporate on-site roller bling and curtain cleaning as part of end of tenancy cleaning services. Please contact customer service with the dimensions and materials.


Can I postpone my appointment?
Yes, you can postpone your end of tenancy cleaning service appointment. However, we require any changes to be made more than 72 hours before your appointment time to avoid forfeiting your deposit.


How Do I Book with cleanLAD?
You can book by calling 98706000, using the contact form on our website, or messaging us via WhatsApp.

Other Services we provide


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The cleanLAD team can remove all the dust, dirt, and chemicals from a renovation so all you need to do is move in.


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