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If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to mattress cleaning in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place.


Your mattress is one of the most important furniture in your home. It’s where you rest your head every night and catch up on your favourite Youtube shows or mobile games when you need to relax. But did you know it’s also one of the dirtiest places in the house? Dirt and dust settle on your mattress, waiting for you when you sleep at night! 


So if you’ve ever wondered how to keep your mattress clean and fresh, this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through everything from the reasons to clean your mattress to how often you should clean it and what methods are best for the job.



Types of bacteria lurking in the mattress


Why is it important to clean your mattress? 


It’s essential to clean your mattress because you’ll want to keep it fresh and free of dust mites, and other allergens. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can make your mattress unhygienic, including dust mites, mould, and bacteria.


Dust mites are microscopic parasites in your mattress, pillows, and other soft surfaces. They can be tiny, so you might not even notice them! Dust mites feed off of dead skin cells, which means that if you do not regularly clean your bedding, they will eat away at all the dead skin cells that come off your body while you sleep. This can cause severe allergy problems for some people. A clean mattress can help alleviate some of those symptoms.


You should also clean your mattress regularly because it helps prevent stains from developing and keeps the foam in good condition over time. For instance, did you know that humans naturally produce approximately 98 litres of sweat in bed yearly? That’s about two cars’ worth of perspiration absorbed by your mattress! With Singapore’s warm weather, your sweat may leave ugly wet marks on your mattress if you sleep without air conditioning. 


Additionally, if you have bedwetting young children or pets, you probably are familiar with the unsightly wet urine patches you see during the day. All this moisture creates a comfortable environment for fungi to grow. As a result, mould can grow on your mattress and lead to many respiratory problems

And, of course, all the perspiration and other body waste, such as blood and urine, will cause a foul odour over time. So with that in mind, it’s time to learn how to clean your mattress if you want a good night’s rest. Here are our top three tips: 


1. How often should mattresses be cleaned?


Calendar marking the date for a mattress cleaning to be done.


Before we talk about how often, we should consider two types of mattress cleaning you can do:


Quick-clean weekly: You should wash your bedsheets weekly to remove germs, dirt and dust, and you can add a quick mattress cleaning when you wash your bedsheets. That means doing a fast vacuum on the mattress top. But this speedy cleaning process does not remove odours and fungal growth. However, if you have an emergency such as a bedwetting incident, it’s best to take fast action to remove the stain or the odour will linger. 


Deep-cleanse half-yearly: To do that, you need to do a deep cleanse which may require leaving the mattress overnight. If you use a mattress protector, you should deep clean your mattress every 9-12 months. But without a mattress protector, you should deep cleanse it every 6-8 months. This way, you ensure your mattress is not a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. Again, a mattress cleaning expert in Singapore is your best solution to ensure a thorough job, although you can also D.I.Y. this process. 



2. What is the best method to clean a mattress?


Now that you know how often you’ll need to clean your mattress, you need to know how to do it. We’ll also quickly examine the pros and cons of going at it alone versus hiring a professional mattress cleaning in Singapore.

How to Clean Your Mattress Naturally with home ingredients

a) D.I.Y

You can use a vacuum cleaner for your mattress surface if you want a quick, routine clean. Preferably, get one with a HEPA filter, as they are highly effective in removing and trapping particles like pet dander and dust mites. Then use a steam cleaner to go over your mattress in broad strokes. Steam cleaning helps to rid your mattress of dust mites, and bad smells, as well as dead skin cells, bed bugs, and bacteria.  


Next, use a mixture of light laundry detergent or dish soap, and warm water for a deeper cleanse. Dip a soft cloth into the mix and gently dap at any dried stains until it fades. Make sure you use cold water for blood stains as it breaks down proteins in the blood so the stain can disappear. For stubborn urine or other stains, try baking powder and water. Remember to flip the mattress and clean the other side! 


Finally, you can also sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for a few hours or if you have a lightweight mattress, let it air dry in the sun. This eliminates any foul, lingering odours.


Pros & Cons of the D.I.Y. method: While a D.I.Y. method may be convenient as you can do it at your own time and pace, the sheer number of steps involved means you’ll need at least half a day to do everything. This is a hassle for busy adults, especially if you are a new parent juggling a baby or have elderly folks who rely on your assistance.


Besides, using any chemicals is always a risk. You never know how your skin might react to these chemicals, causing even more problems.  In that situation, calling a mattress cleaning expert in Singapore is your best solution.


b. Hiring a Mattress Cleaning service in Singapore


When you seek the help of a professional mattress cleaning service, they know what to do and can do it efficiently and quickly. They also have the necessary equipment to treat your mattress thoroughly, eliminating all nasty bacteria, dust mites and mould from your mattress. 


For instance, Clean Lad Singapore uses a power brush which will loosen any trapped dirt particles within mattress fibres, making it easy to extract and vacuum. They also use a high-powered machine that can remove all dirt, dust and bacteria from up to 25cm deep. If you’re worried about chemicals, be assured that the company uses toxic-free, child-safe detergent to shampoo your mattress. Apart from that, if you need to book an appointment, their 24/7 customer service ensures you can get help quickly.


Pros & cons of using a mattress cleaning service in Singapore: So, what are the pros of using a mattress cleaning company in Singapore? First, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that an expert is taking care of your mattress. It also means you can save time second-guessing what to do, especially if you have hard-to-remove stains or smells. Furthermore, some mattresses can be cumbersome, and you might need more strength or energy to lift them to clean them thoroughly. Yet it’s so important to get a deep cleansing treatment for your mattress to get a good night’s rest. Besides, not having to buy any fancy equipment or harsh chemicals will save you money without unnecessary spending! 


Cleaning their mattress is even more critical for those who have just shifted into their newly renovated home. Many people who move homes think they can leave their mattresses wrapped in plastic to prevent them from getting soiled or dirty. Unfortunately, this leaves foreign particles trapped inside. Over time, the plastic also traps moisture absorbed by the mattress, and it can get mouldy. That will also spoil your bed very quickly! But after moving homes, you might be too tired to do extensive cleaning. That’s where professional cleaning services can help you reduce your workload. 


Of course, hiring a mattress cleaning service might be more costly than doing it yourself. But if you use a professional company with competitive rates, the amount of time saved will be more cost-effective in the long run. 


3. How much does it cost to clean my mattress in Singapore?


Most mattress cleaning services in Singapore will charge you based on the size of your mattress. Therefore, a quick Google search will show you an estimate of $90 upwards, depending on your mattress size.


However, bear in mind that cost is not the most important criterion. While finding mattress cleaning services online is very easy, finding a professional and skilled expert is difficult. One way is to look for a business with friendly customer service that gives you a transparent, free quote on mattress cleaning before you commit. That way, you can ask questions about their experience, and pay a fair price for high-level cleaning expertise.


Reliable mattress cleaning services(Singapore) with cleanLAD 

Taking care of your mattress is important because it helps ensure that it lasts as long as possible. But we know that life gets busy, and it takes effort to figure out what exactly needs to do. So get expert help from a professional mattress cleaning service in Singapore. Clean Lad Singapore’s skilled technicians will ensure that all dust motes, stains, foul odours and moulds are gone from your mattress. With our 5-step thorough cleaning process and disinfection, it puts the ‘good’ in Good night! 

So sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite with cleanLAD Singapore’s reliable mattress cleaning services. WhatsApp us here or visit our website today to find out more. 



A leading provider of deep cleaning services in Singapore, cleanLAD specializes in helping people create healthy spaces through meticulous cleaning.

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