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Leather sofas are a popular choice in Singapore and with good reason; it provides great comfort and style, and can last for years if taken care of properly. Taking care of a leather sofa includes regular cleaning and maintenance, and having the right supplies is essential for keeping your leather sofa looking its best.


When it comes to cleaning supplies for leather sofas, there are two main categories: A cleaning agent that is used to clean away dirt and debris, and a conditioner that is used to protect and nourish the leather but if you do not have these items, the most common household supplies used to clean leather include gentle soap, a soft microfiber cloth, and a vacuum cleaner.


Gentle soap helps to get rid of bacteria and remove dirt while still protecting the finish of the leather, while a soft cloth is necessary to apply the soap evenly and gently over the surface of the leather. A vacuum cleaner can help to remove any trapped dirt, dust, or debris that has worked its way into the crevices of the leather.


Man cleaning a leather sofa


How to Prepare Your Leather Sofa for Cleaning


1) Vacuum the Sofa – This is an important first step before you clean any piece of furniture with upholstery fabric or leather surfaces. Use an attachment brush on the vacuum cleaner to gently remove dust and dirt particles from all sides of the couch. Pay extra attention to areas between cushions and crevices where lint, hair, food particles could have accumulated over time.


2) Test Cleaners Before Applying – Always test any cleaning products on a small area of the sofa before applying them elsewhere as some cleaners, if used inappropriately, can damage certain types of leathers; this includes store-bought cleaners as well as homemade solutions such as white vinegar or lemon juice mixtures. And always read manufacturer instructions carefully if using commercial products; many need diluting with water prior to use which will reduce their potency considerably making them safe enough for use on natural leather sofas.


3) Preparing Leather For Cleaning – Apply a thin layer of unscented soap onto a soft cloth then rub lightly into affected areas – remember not too much! Leave it overnight then buff off with another clean cloth until no traces remain the next morning (this process helps soften stiff patches). If there’s still grime present after this step apply either with diluted detergent solution (for tougher stains), rubbing alcohol (for grease spots), baby wipes/alcohol wipes (for ink marks). A shoe brush can also help scrub away stubborn dirt while being gentle at same time – just make sure bristles aren’t too hard otherwise they might scratch the surface further instead!


4) Wipe Down With microfiber cloth – The last part is wiping down the entire sofa once more with dry lint free cloth – preferably microfiber type which won’t leave behind any fibers after wiping out excess moisture left by previous stages above. It’s also a good idea to spray protective coating like Scotchguard onto the sofa afterwards if you want added protection against future spills or stains.


Real natural leather peeling and cracking


What To Do If Your Leather Sofa Has Started To Crack or Peel?


There are specific products that can be used to protect and nourish the leather. Leather conditioner is one such product, and it can help to keep the leather supple and hydrated, which can keep it looking its best for longer. Leather conditioner should be applied once every few months, depending on how often the sofa is used.


Polish is also an important supply for leather sofa cleaning. Polish can help to fill in any cracks or scratches that may have formed in the leather, and can give the material a nice shine. However, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right kind of polish for your specific type of leather, as some polishes may damage certain types of leather.


Optionally, having a leather protector spray is also an essential item for leather sofa cleaning. This spray is designed to form a protective barrier on the leather, helping to prevent dirt, stains, and other debris from getting onto the leather in the first place. It’s important to re-apply this spray every few months as it wears off over time.


A clean leather with no dirt and stains

A clean leather with no dirt or stains in between the grains

3 Tips For Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance For a Leather Sofa


1. Clean and scrub: With a water-based leather cleaner, spray and scrub to get rid of all dirt and debris that might be stuck in the crevices of the natural cowhide leather. By using a shoe brush, this enables more dirt to come off easily.


2. Condition every few months – Moisturizing your leather sofa every few months helps prevent cracking due to long term exposure from direct sunlight and condensation from air conditioning units.We recommend to use specialized conditioners specifically designed for use on leather such as Chamberlain’s Leather Milk™ Furniture Care Kit which contains all natural ingredients such as lanolin and beeswax that nourish without leaving behind oily residue like many other products may do if used incorrectly!


3. Avoid direct sunlight – Sunlight can cause fading + discolouration on certain types of materials including genuine / faux-leather (PVC / PU); try positioning curtains/ blinds near windows where possible throughout sunny days during the January to February period where temperatures in Singapore get really hot. Do rotate cushions periodically too if needed (depending upon various factors) otherwise this could lead to uneven wear and discolouration overtime.


Hiring a Leather Sofa Cleaning Company In Singapore


There are many benefits of getting a leather sofa cleaned professionally in Singapore instead of cleaning it yourself. A professional leather sofa cleaning company like CleanLAD has the appropriate knowledge and solutions to help get your furniture as clean as possible without damaging it. We know how to handle delicate leathers, which can easily be damaged if not handled with care.


We use special products that we formulate specifically for use on real or faux leather. Our products will gently remove dirt and stains while preserving the natural oils found in the hide so that no damage is done to the fabric or coloration of your furniture piece over time.


In addition to being able to provide better quality results than what you could do at home, hiring CleanLAD will save you time and energy when it comes time for deep-cleaning sessions because our team knows exactly what steps need taken in order to properly cleanse any type leather such as full leather, half leather and even PVC leathers effectively within an hour or less depending on size/condition as this ensures that all household members stay safe from harmful chemical residues left behind from harsh DIY detergents used incorrectly – something which is especially beneficial if there are children living inside home who might accidentally touch contaminated surfaces after treatment has been conducted! For more information, Contact us by clicking here to WhatsApp cleanLAD or call us at 98706000.



A leading provider of deep cleaning services in Singapore, cleanLAD specializes in helping people create healthy spaces through meticulous cleaning.

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