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A leading provider of deep cleaning services in Singapore, cleanLAD specializes in helping people create healthy spaces through meticulous cleaning. The cleanLAD team delivers the highest standards of service, and you can often start your booking in under five minutes.

From mattress cleaning to disinfection, cleanLAD offers dedicated deep cleaning teams ready to travel anywhere in Singapore. Our cleaning teams accept emergency bookings and always deliver spotless results.

Lightning-fast deep cleaning service

For emergency stains, do contact out 24/7 customer service hotline for the fastest response.

Spilled something? A family member had an accident? A worker came in ill? cleanLAD’s teams can help in these scenarios with our highly trained team and effective cleaning processes. See how our efficient technicians can resolve your situation by hitting the button below.

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People spend a significant part of their lives asleep, yet mattresses trap dirt, dust mites, bacteria, dead skin, and more over time. cleanLAD uses a proven process to remove all of these irritants, so you wake up without rashes, sinus irritation, or other problems.


Sofas and chairs tend to be frequently used items in the home, so they collect dirt. When a sofa has collected too much dirt, it no longer breathes and provides comfort. A thorough cleaning can solve this problem and restore your sofa to like-new condition.


cleanLAD offers a comprehensive disinfection service that includes both a deep cleaning service with a ULV fogger to ensure proper disinfection, no matter the size of your property. We follow NEA guidelines throughout the process for a thorough clean.


End of tenancy cleaning is standard in leasing agreements for both residential and commercial spaces. Choosing cleanLAD for your home cleaning service in Singapore helps you hand the property back in pristine condition and have your deposit returned.


Post renovation means many things to do for your new residence in Singapore and having a home cleaning service ensures you’re moving back to a safe home. cleanLAD also handles commercial properties.

Why Choose cleanLAD for Deep Cleaning Services

cleanLAD offers a fast and meticulous home cleaning service, anywhere in Singapore. We are a phone call, message, or click away from answering your questions and helping you enjoy a clean space.

Flexible booking

The cleanLAD team work weekdays, weekends, and public holidays to deliver our business and home cleaning service across Singapore. If you need something cleaned, we’re available on your schedule.

Bundle Pricing

cleanLAD offers bundle discounts if you need more than one deep cleaning service simultaneously. These discounts let us better meet our customers’ needs, no matter what they are or how big the space is.

High Trained Professionals

All cleaning technicians at cleanLAD go through extensive training and shadowing periods. Our experts understand the science and technology of cleaning, which we deliver on every deep cleaning service.